About the Program

Nowadays graduate education in English is developing dramatically. This is influenced by the last decade's remarkable ferment in literary and cultural studies. ISU is keeping pace with theoretical and practical developments in both areas and puts particular efforts into developing an innovative range of offerings at the MA level. The program offers students the opportunity to enhance their skills of reading, writing, research, and teaching with courses that encompass a wide range of contemporary English and cultural studies.

Objectives of the Program

The program aims to give students a solid foundation for building critical and cultural awareness and open unfamiliar worlds and exciting new ways of thinking before them. The Master of Arts in English Literature and Cultural Studies, therefore, emphasizes research and the application of various critical approaches to literature, composition, and cultural studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

An important role of English departments across the world has been to create interpretations of the texts of various historical periods, including the present. Accordingly, the courses of the MA in English Literature and Cultural Studies at ISU are designed aiming at certain learning outcomes

Upon the completion of the program, the students will be able to:

  1. - interpret texts as part of a complex web of historical conditions and relationships.
  2. - produce papers on major literary texts alongside nonfiction, functional texts, and public documents
  3. - effectively teach and critically appreciate comparative texts that highlight differences across literature and culture as well as the texts of the Western canon
  4. - evaluate film, television, and other storytelling media alongside conventional texts

Career Opportunities

The program is intended to expose students to varied facets of English literature and Cultural Studies. This is specifically designed to create diverse professionals including well-trained and well-equipped English language creative professionals and teachers who are increasingly demanded both locally and globally. Many students can also use the degree for professional enhancement, or doctoral study. Apart from these, the graduates can choose their jobs in Bangladesh civil and military services, banks, NGOs, and various corporate levels.

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission, students must fulfill the requirements outlined below:

  1. - Successful completion of at least a Bachelor’s degree in English from a reputed university with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Major Concentrations

The program deals with the courses on major concentrations ranging from the literary and cultural studies arena developed in different decades.

The courses include:

  1. - South Asian Diaspora and Its Literature
  2. - Latin American Literature in Translation
  3. - Postmodernism in Literature
  4. - Postcolonial Literature
  5. - Studies in American Literature
  6. - Film and Literature
  7. - Literary Stylistics
  8. - Creative Writing

Program Structure*

Course CategoryNo. of CoursesCredit per CourseTotal Credits
Core Courses4312
Major Concentrations5315
Elective Courses236
Seminar and Viva Voce122
Total13 38

Degree Requirements

The requirements to complete the MA in English Literature and Cultural Studies will depend on the successful completion of eleven courses along with seminar presentation(s), viva voce, and dissertation worth 38 credits that are intended to make the students skilled in essential and related areas of English literature and cultural studies.

Financial Information

ParticularsUnit Cost (in Tk.)Total (in Tk.)Mode of Payment
Admission Fee + Form Fee1050010500Once
Tuition Fee (per credit)160060800Semester-wise
Registration Fee500010000Semester-wise
Library Fee10001000Once
Lab. Fee5001000Semester-wise
Student Activities Fee10001000Once

List of Core Courses

Core Courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
MAE 5101Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism3
MAE 5102Cultural Studies3
MAE 5103World Literature and Translation3
MAE 5104Research Methods in English Studies3
Major Concentrations
MAE 6101South Asian Diaspora and Its Literature3
MAE 6102Latin American Literature in Translation3
MAE 6103Postmodernism in Literature3
MAE 6104Postcolonial Literature3
MAE 6105Studies in American Literature3
MAE 6106Film and Literature3
MAE 6110Literary Stylistics3
MAE 6111Creative Writing3
Elective Courses
MAE 6107Media and Literature/ Media and Representation Studies3
MAE 6108Popular Culture in Literature3
MAE 6109Literature and Gender Studies3
MAE 6112Ecocriticism, Environmental Justice and Literature3
Seminar and Dissertation
MAE 6200Seminar on Recent Trends in Literary Research and Viva Voce2
MAE 6300Dissertation3


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