About the Program

Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides an opportunity for individuals to prepare for managerial positions in today’s complex and dynamic environment. The program places strong emphasis on the application of business theory to the realities of the business world. It also recognizes the demands of an increasing, competitive, multicultural economy characterized by rapid technological innovation and superior product and service quality demands. The MBA program consists of a prescribed pattern of Graduate courses. The entire program is based on a common core of courses, which examine the functions of the executive and the environment of the administrator. Beyond this core, the student may choose to study in some depth any of a number of particular fields in business administration and economics.

Goals and Objectives of the program

  1. 1. Acquaint the students with the concepts and tools which are relevant to achieve leadership and organizational objectives and goals.
  2. 2. Develop and strengthen various emotional intelligence skills.
  3. 3. Provide students with the required tools for decision-making and data analysis.
  4. 4. Improve students’ marketing skills through the use of case studies
  5. 5. Teach students the techniques and tools useful for financial analysis and control in today’s business climate
  6. 6. Give students the skills and the knowledge set necessary to ethically manage today’s business operations for productivity and performance
  7. 7. Engender a global perspective in all students
  8. 8. Develop each student’s strategic thinking

Learning Outcomes

  1. - Critical thinking
  2. - Critical Analysis
  3. - Effective problem solving
  4. - Effective communication
  5. – both oral and written communication
  6. - Leadership
  7. - The ability to innovate

Career Opportunities

The MBA program is widely acclaimed and almost universally recognized as an academic discipline to prepare students for assuming responsibilities of management in either business, non-business or even government organizations.

In advanced countries like the USA, UK, and USSR the MBA degree offers higher career opportunities to engineers, architects, researchers, merchandisers and even physicians. The universal emphasis is to equip the degree (MBA) holder to meet the challenges of resource constraints and find new avenues for development.

Now-a-days in every society, MBA degree holders get preference over others in any organization that requires group endeavor. In Bangladesh also, the giant organizations like banks, industrial groups, infrastructure developers, tourism and hospitability organizers and even NGOs prefer to employ MBAs in managerial positions.

ISU authority is fully aware of the program needs and is highly committed to produce such MBAs who will compete not only nationally (within the country) but also internationally.

Admission Requirements

Upon the completion of the program, the students will be able to:

  1. - Successful completion of at least a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university.
  2. - Qualifying in ISU admission test or a minimum score of 550 in TOEFL and 500 in GMAT.
  3. - Work experience after graduation in an executive position is preferred but not essential (for regular MBA only).

Major Areas

  1. A. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  2. B. Marketing
  3. C. Finance
  4. D. Management Information System (MIS)
  5. E. Accounting
  6. F. Apparel Merchandising
  7. G. Textile & Fashion Marketing

Program Structure*

Course CategoryNo. of CoursesCredit per CourseTotal Credits
Foundation and General Education (GE)6318
Defense of the Thesis133

*Note: Under the MBA program we have special arrangements for (i) executives and (ii) BBA graduates. The candidates belonging to these categories will be allowed course waiver based on an acceptable policy followed by most of the private universities in our country.

Upon the completion of the program, the students will be able to:

  1. (i) MBA for Executives (EMBA): A genuine executive (both government and non-government) having working experience for a continuous period of at least 03 (three) years after BSc. Engineering/ MBBS/ Honors in any subject or at least 05 (five) years after degree (pass course) will be allowed to enroll for the program. They will have to complete a total of 51 credit hours for the EMBA degree.
  2. (ii) MBA for BBA graduates: it is a regular practice that the BBA graduates have to complete usually 36 credits for the MBA degree. The department of Business Administration will select the required courses to be offered, usually within 02 (two) semesters.

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements will be as follows:

  1. (a) Completion of 69 credit hours
  2. (b) Completion of the project with at least a ‘C’ grade
  3. (c) Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.00.

Financial Information

ParticularsUnit Cost (in Tk.)Total (in Tk.)Mode of Payment
Admission Fee + Form Fee1050010500Once
Tuition Fee (per credit)2100144900Semester-wise
Registration Fee500020000Semester-wise
Internship Registration Fee30003000During Internship
Library Fee10001000Once
Lab. Fee5002000Semester-wise
Student Activities Fee5002000Once

List of Core Courses

Foundation and General Education Courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
MBA 500Remedial English0
MBA 501Business Communication3
MBA 502Fundamentals of Business Mathematics3
MBA 503Business Statistics3
MBA 504Computing Fundamentals3
MBA 505Bangladesh Studies3
MBA 506Organizational Behavior3
Program Core Courses
MBA 507Principles of Management3
MBA 508Principles of Marketing3
MBA 509Managerial Economics3
MBA 510Managerial Accounting and Control3
MBA 511Financial Management3
MBA 512Human Resource Management3
MBA 513Research Methodology3
MBA 514Operations Management in Business3
MBA 515Business Law3
MBA 516Strategic Management3
MBA 575Thesis/ Internship/Project6
MBA 576Viva Voce3

List of Major Courses

Human Resource Management (Any Four)
No.CourseCodeCourse TitleCredit
1HRMMBA 517Strategic Human Resource Management3
2HRMMBA 518Training and Management Development3
3HRMMBA 519Negotiation and Conflict Management3
4HRMMBA 520Industrial Relations3
5HRMMBA 521Human Resource Planning3
6HRMMBA 522Compensation Management3
7HRMMBA 523Performance Appraisal3
8HRMMBA 524Career Planning and Development3
Marketing (Any Four)
1MKTMBA 525Sales Marketing Management3
2MKTMBA 526Service Marketing3
4MKTMBA 527Consumer Behavior3
4MKTMBA 528Brand Management3
5MKTMBA 529Advertising and Promotional Management3
6MKTMBA 530Supply Chain Management3
7MKTMBA 531Sales Planning and operations3
8MKTMBA 532International Business3
Finance (Any Four)
1FINMBA 533Corporate Finance3
2FINMBA 534Financial Institutions and Markets3
3FINMBA 535Real Estate Finance 
4FINMBA 536Bank Management3
5FINMBA 537Financial Statements Analysis3
6FINMBA 538Working Capital Management3
7FINMBA 539International Financial Management3
Management Information System (Any Four)
1MISMBA 540Object Oriented Programing Language3
2MISMBA 541Data Communications and Computer Networks3
3MISMBA 542System Analysis and Design3
4MISMBA 543Software Engineering and Project Management3
5MISMBA 544Database Management System3
6MISMBA 545Enterprise Resource Planning3
7MISMBA 546Computer Based Simulation System3
Accounting (Any Four)
1ACNMBA 548Accounting Information Systems3
2ACNMBA 549Auditing3
3ACNMBA 550Accounting for nonprofit Organization3
4ACNMBA 551Business Taxation3
5ACNMBA 552Advanced Management Accounting3
6ACNMBA 553Financial Statements Analysis3
7ACNMBA 554Working Capital Management3
Apparel Merchandising (Any Four)
1APMMBA 555Introduction to RMG Business3
2APMMBA 556Advanced Textile Science (Fiber-Yarn-Fabric)3
3APMMBA 557Dyeing, Printing and Washing3
4APMMBA 558Clothing Materials & Cutting Technology3
5APMMBA 559Introduction to Fashion Marketing3
6APMMBA 560Tools & Operations Management in RMG3
7APMMBA 561Production & Operations Management in RMG3
8APMMBA 562Quality Control & Compliance in RMG3
Textile & Fashion Marketing (Any Four)
1TFMMBA 563Principles of Textile & Fashion Marketing3
2TFMMBA 564Fashion & Textile Brand Management3
3TFMMBA 565Production & Supply Chain Management in T&F3
4TFMMBA 566Fashion Marketing Strategy & Textile3
5TFMMBA 567Raw Materials of Textiles & Elements of FD3
6TFMMBA 568Product Development for Fashion Industry3
7TFMMBA 569Fashion Retailing & Visual Merchandising3
1INTMBA 575Thesis/Project/Internship6
2VVMBA 576Viva Voce3


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