Message from Director, CRDP

ISU Center for Research, Development and Publications (CRDP) has been designed to facilitate faculty members for enhancing scholarly research and development on national and global scales. The center works as a research incubator which showcases catalytic roles in producing cutting edge research ideas and outputs. Established with multidisciplinary scope, the center sheds light on progressing the evidence-based knowledge for enhancing management, scientific and development skills to help foster sustainable development goals by 2030 in Bangladesh. The research initiatives are funded by the International Standard University (ISU) authority to support research for academic development-crucial for professional and institutional advancement.
The research center aims at promoting excellence in interdisciplinary research among the faculty members to sharpen the existing knowledge, skills and expertise on research in a range of universities across the country. The center is to enable interaction between faculty members, scholars, and industry to capacitate academic excellence, research opportunities, and solving real-world problems. The significant evidence-based knowledge through academic research will clearly demonstrate valuable insights which are vital for promoting economic, technological and social advancement of Bangladesh.The research center continuously explores innovative scopes for the academic community, with a specific focus on applied and actionable implications for achieving sustainable development of Bangladesh.

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