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ISU Library is committed to provide quality information resources and services that support the vision and mission of ISU. The library endeavors to provide relevant information services and study materials that will help develop learning, teaching, research, and consultancy programs of the University.

We are providing access to a wide range of information resources both in print and electronic format. This website is our virtual space where you will find links to various electronic information resources. Explore our website and find our resources useful to meet your academic and research needs.

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ISU Library: At a Glance


International Standard University (ISU) started its journey on June 03, 2018. As one of the promising private universities of the country, it is committed to ensure social services through quality education with moral values. This University will ensure its aim to achieve excellence as a seat of learning through devotion, hard work, and sincerity.
ISU library started its journey with about 1,200 volumes of books and other printed and electronic reading materials. The Library comprises an all-rounded collection of materials in Business studies, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science & Engineering, Textile Engineering, Apparel Merchandising, English Language and Literature, Begali Literature, Referecne Books etc., giving vital support to teaching and research in the University.
From the very beginning of its journey, we are very positive to ensure better services to its users. The library collections and services, physical and virtual facilities, provide outstanding support to research in various programs while addressing the learning needs of the students of the University. Library facilities are being framed as flexible learning spaces—collaborative, individual study, instruction, and calm environment—to meet a variety of user needs.


To be a center of excellence in the provision of library and information services to International Standard University (ISU) community.


To provide quality resources and services in support of the advancement of teaching, learning and research of the University.

Objectives of the library are to:

  • Select, acquire and organize relevant and up-to-date information resources in all formats appropriate to the needs of the university.
  • Establish, promote and maintain a wide range of services and dissemination strategies that support the academic programs of the University and encourage optimum utilization of the resources of the library.
  • Continuously conduct information literacy and orient it to users through a variety of methods in order to provide guidance on use of the library’s collections.
  • Develop and retain qualified, experienced and dedicated professional library staff who will offer high quality services to the users of the library.
  • Adopt technologies to make information resources accessible to the University community in an equitable, efficient and effective manner.
  • Organize and preserve required resources and provide access to them.
  • Provide a secure and conducive learning environment for use of library resources.

Library Opening Hours:

ISU Library remains open 6 days a week. During working days, the library remains open as per the following schedule:      

Saturday – Thursday

8:30 am to 6:00 pm


Weekly holiday


Library Organization:


       ISU Library resources are arranged on the shelves subject-wise in numerical order and are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme so that the items can be found easily.            


      Books are cataloged directly into the computer using ‘Koha’ (Koha is the first open-source Integrated Library System) library database management software.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

   OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) system is available in the library. It is an online catalog of a library collection that is used to find books and other reading materials.  The OPAC tells you the location, status and collection    type of a library material.

Library membership procedures:

Students, faculty members, and other employees of ISU are eligible to be members.

·  Membership is free of cost but mandatory for the users.

·  Borrower cards are not transferable.

·  Library members are responsible for loss or damage of library materials in their possession. They will be required to pay for the loss or damage at a rate to be determined by the concrened authority.

·  If the card is stolen or lost, it should be reported as soon as possible to the circulation desk.

·  S/he must pay Tk. 100/- (one hundred) as penalty charge if any borrower loses his/her card.

·  Library materials are not to be taken out of the library unless they are properly issued.

·  Marking, defacing or mutilation of any library material is prohibited.

·  Most books in the library may be borrowed but reference books, Journals, etc., may only be taken out of the library with permission of the concerned person.

·  Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re-issuing.

·  The library cards must be produced at the time of borrowing and returning library items.


Borrowing-Loan Procedures

Loan Quotas-Loan Periods

Borrowing Privileges

Membership Category

Books and Journals

Total Number

Loan Period


Bound Journals

Current/ Single Issue of Journals





a)    Students

01 Book

01 Book

04 days

04 Days

01 Day


 b) Faculty Members

*01 Book

*02 Books

Full Semester

7 Days

07 Days

Overnight only

c)    Employees of ISU




4 days



 * Per course

Borrowing Rules:

v Borrowers must present the membership card at the time of borrowing the book, or other materials. Library cards are not transferable and must be shown whenever asked for by the library staff.

v The library resources are issued only to the borrower(s) in person. Only in case of category C, books/materials may be issued to a person with a letter of authority from a member of this category.

v When needed by other users, circulating books and journals are subject to recall at any time. In the recall notices, a new due date will be given. Borrowers are to respond to a recall promptly. Late returns will be fined according to library policy.


Borrowers may renew loans for one additional period. Renewals must be made on or before the last date of the initial loan period. Otherwise, overdue fines will be charged. No book will be renewed until previously issued books are returned.

A book may not be renewed if it is required by another person.

Non staff facilities                                                                                                                           

It may be mentioned that part-time faculty members, visiting faculty members, short course students, consultants, contractual staff, trainees, internees from other organizations and outsider with academic interest cannot borrow any book or material. They may use the reading room facilities only for study and research.


If issued library materials are not returned after the due-date, fines will be calculated according to ISU library policy. Issuing rights may be withdrawn from persons who are persistently defaulters. 



All valid members of the library must return all borrowed materials at the expiry of their membership. Clearance certificate will be issued after getting clearance from the library.

Library Collection                                                                                                                         

ISU Library has about 2000 books, a good number of e-books, printed journals and serials, and an extensive collection of electronic resources, rare books, and other non-printed reading materials, as one of the promising academic libraries in the country.


Services and facilities:                                                                                                              

ISU Library is providing some modern services and facilities for the users, such as:  

Ø Printed and electronic books;

Ø Online journals;

Ø A digital corner for the students;

Ø Fully automated library system;

Ø A study corner for the teachers;

Ø Wi-Fi facilities;

Ø Circulation services;

Ø Photocopy services;

Ø Newspaper services, etc.,are also to be provided.


Pigeon-Hole facilities:

Pigeon-holes for keeping bags of the library users are placed at the library entrance and they are to be used as under:  

·         Before entering the library the users shall hand over their bags, umbrellas, parcels, attaches, portfolios, briefcases, newspapers and loose garments, helmets, etc.to the pigeon-hole counter of the library.


·         All valuable items if any, such as cash money, laptop, tabs, camera, mobile phone, wrist-watch, jewellery, etc. should be taken out of the bags before they are kept to the pigeon-hole. The library authority will not be responsible for valuable items left inside the bag kept in the pigeon-hole area.


·         The charges for loss of library token shall be realized from the person concerned at the rate of Tk. 50/- (Fifty) only against a receipt from the library.


Use of newspapers and magazines:

·         Newspapers or magazines cannot be taken out of the library.

·         Old newspapers or magazines may be issued only against valid Cards at the circulation desk.

·         Cutting of newspapers are strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action may be taken, if someone tries to violate the library rules.


Wireless Access (Wi-Fi):

The ISU Library offers free wireless internet to all users in the library who are expected to use the library's wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided. The library will not assume any responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the library's wireless service. 

Safety and Security                                                                                                                          To ensure user’s safety and security we operate CCTV cameras and engage staff to undertake routine patrols.

Conduct in Library Reading Room

Silence: The library is designed as a quiet place for reading, researching, or studying. Silence must be observed in the Library to maintain a quiet study atmosphere. All users are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that will not be disturbed other.   

Dangerous Devices: Fire arms, knives or other deadly weapons, explosives and/or explosive devices, or other dangerous devices are not permitted in the Library.  

Mobile Phones: Cell phones and other communication devices must be switched off inside the library at all time.

Seating arrangement in the study areas: Library users must sit in the places provided. Tables and chairs should not be moved. Library seats cannot be reserved. Please do not bring your personal belongings inside the library. Vacate your seat if it is no longer required.   

Food and Drink: Food and drink except water are not allowed in the library. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.    

Personal Belongings: Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.                     

Taking Photos or Videos: Anyone willing to take photos or videos of any part of the library must obtain permission first from authority. 

Posting Notices: Posting of handbills, circulars, banners, notices or posters in the notice board will require the permission of authority.  

Use of Laptop: Laptops are allowed in the library but they are to be used appropriately.

Use of Plugs (Power Outlets): You can use any available power outlet to plug in your laptop. Do not unplug any library equipment to access a power outlet. The library is not responsible for any damage to your laptop computer or other equipment that may result from using the library’s power supply.

Behave courteously: Users are required to treat the library personnel with respect and courtesy. If any incident is reported, library authority may pursue the matter under the Student Disciplinary procedures.

Use the library equipment gently: No student shall use library property for any illegal purpose. Action will be taken against any person misusing furniture, equipment, facilities or materials. Any such person may be required to pay for the damage or the loss, if any, caused. 

Use the library computers: Computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavors. Misuse of the facilities e.g. game playing, e-trade, hacking, and change of PC or Network settings is prohibited.


Closing time: An announcement will be made ten minutes before the time of closing. At that time, the users should prepare to leave the library while there is still time to check out the needed materials.  

Library personnel:

At present, 01 Officer and 02 Library Attendants are serving in the library to ensure proper assistance to the students, teachers and other users.

Ask a Librarian

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