Sustainable Textile Development

Areas of Interest

The Department of Textile Engineering (DTE) is currently shedding its light on surface modification of textiles, eco-friendly textile manufacturing and application of machine learning in textile. The developed nations are progressing rapidly in the field of high performance functional textiles and artificial intelligence. Therefore, the DTE is also trying to contribute in this regard for the advancement of our own country.
The DTE has highly qualified academicians who have previous research experience in material science, chemical synthesis, environment friendly processing and statistical modeling. The academicians with research and the experience in diverse field enables the DTE to conduct multidisciplinary research. The DTE has direct collaboration with the industries of Standard group and other renowned textile industries in Bangladesh which gives the DTE to use modern machineries and lab facilities to conduct high Quality research.
The department emphasizes on industrial innovation, responsible consumption and production and partnership with others for common goal in their research activities to be align with the sustainable development goal 2030 of Bangladesh.