Food Security and Sustainable Development 2030!

Areas of Interest

The Center for Research, Development, and Publications (CRDP) sheds lights on following issues:

  • Sustainable development in agriculture sector will be ensured by focusing on the production of local food systems and crop diversification. The local food system and crop diversification aim at ensuring food security and thus are subject to implement of a wide range of economic policies in Bangladesh.
  • Continuous development in the aspect of the local food system, food security, needs to be connected among the various development partners/agents across the regional countries, especially in the South Asian region, such as with Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, among others.
  • The relationship between sustainable agriculture and economic stability always are made by the most important food security factors. The agricultural policies should be focused on domestic food production, oriented, sustainability outcomes, price volatility, public - private partnership and agriculture potentials across the country.